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At Motivate Health and Wellness, we strive to provide the best possible care to all of our clients. Our team of experts specialize in intravenous infusions and offer a wide range of treatments that are tailored to each individual’s needs.

Whether you’re looking for a vitamin boost or relief from chronic pain, our team is here to help. We work hard to make sure that our clients are comfortable and receive the highest-quality care. Book your treatment today to see how we can help you reach your health goals.


My name is Jen Tohill, RN


For over 20 years, I have been an Emergency Department nurse at Providence Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center. Ensuring that you have an amazing experience is my primary focus. I am excited to be able to provide these services to our community.



My name is Courtney Mattley, PharmD, BCPS

As the manager of the pharmacy at a highly specialized hospital, I have a wealth of experience with all categories of medications. This venture has allowed me to use my 15+ years of clinical knowledge to bring wellness to those outside the hospital. I am excited to share our brand of infusions with you!


My name is Bud Lawrence, MD


I am Board Certified in Emergency Medicine with over 20 years of experience as an Emergency Department physician. As Medical Director of Motivate, I feel that each treatment we provide elevates the health and wellness of each and every one of our clients. I am thrilled to be part of this amazing venture.

Motivate health and wellness for intravenous infusions, vitamin injections, migraine headaches, weight loss
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